I am a freelance writer, editor, and photographer based in Montreal, Canada. I am also the author of Time and the Suburbs, on Arbeiter Ring Press.

Clear, effective writing is critical for any project, and so is experience. With a postgraduate degree in Public Policy, an international background in political communications, policy analysis, and management of advanced education, I bring both depth and creativity to my work. My area of expertise is academic, stylistic, and structural editing. Read more about my writing and editing services here.

The world we live in is saturated with images, which means it is important to cultivate a photography that is unique and insightful. Using digital as well as vintage film and polaroid, my work has appeared in galleries and in publications in both the United States and internationally. Learn more about my photographic work here.

Contact me: words.quinby@gmail.com or call: 514.560.3040